“Stop asking me nonsense,” DJ Maphorisa fumes at people asking of Kabza De Small (Video)



DJ Maphorisa doesn’t want Kabza De Small mentions during his Instagram Live sessions

DJ Maphorisa exudes anger at people who ask about Kabza De Small whenever he is on a live chat.

The music producer whose real name is Themba Sonnyboy Sekowe warned fans who joined his Instagram Live session to stop with the questions on Kabza’s whereabouts.

A screen record of his response to fans has surfaced on social media and gone viral.

“These persons asking me about Kabza as if I’m married to him, Kabza is married, he has a wife. Are you crazy? Don’t you know that he has his own house? Can’t you see he has a house, a studio, must I live with him? Are you mad?”

“Why don’t you go on his Instagram and ask him where he is? Where’s Kabza, where’s Kabza, where’s your mother and grandmother? I thought I was bringing in positive energy and there you are asking me about Kabza as if he doesn’t have a life that he needs to live, he must always be seen with me. You are mad. ”

“Doesn’t Kabza have his own life to live? Is he supposed to live for me? Are you crazy? Are him and I dating? Don’t annoy me. Stop asking me nonsense!” he said.

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