Thuli P and Slenda introduce themselves as a musical duo, 2Faced



Thuli P and Slenda Da Dancing DJ

Thulisile Phongolo and Sithabile Zungu have joined forces to become a musical duo.

Taking to social media, the DJs introduced the name of their brand, which is 2Faced.

Thuli and Sithabile who is famously known as Slenda The Dancing DJ will be making their debut run soon.

“In ancient Roman mythology, Janus, the god of beginnings and transitions, gazed in two opposite directions, symbolizing the duality of time, doorways, and endings. Just as Janus presided over the ebb and flow of conflict, “2Faced” brings together two distinct musical genres, amapiano and gqom, in a harmonious fusion,” the duo wrote in a statement.

“Meet the masterminds behind this musical journey: Thuli P, a renowned actress turned amapiano DJ, and Slenda da dancing DJ, an iconic dancer turned gqom DJ. Together, they bridge the gap between two powerful musical worlds, seamlessly blending the beats and rhythms of amapiano with the raw energy of gqom. Prepare to be enticed by this unique experience where two genres unite on stage, creating a mesmerizing musical fusion. @2faced_sa invites you to embrace the duality of sound and embark on a musical journey like no other.”


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