Zerb & Sofiya Nzau – Mwaki (Tyler ICU Remix)



Zerb & Sofiya Nzau – Mwaki (Tyler ICU Remix)

Tyler ICU takes Zerb & Sofiya Nzau’s “Mwaki” to new heights with a remix that exemplifies the innovative spirit of Amapiano.

The original track, “Mwaki,” offers a glimpse into the fusion of diverse influences, and Tyler ICU adds his signature touch to elevate the sonic experience.

The remix’s title, “Mwaki,” suggests a fiery and intense energy, and Tyler ICU amplifies this essence through his production prowess. Tyler ICU made his recent when he dropped Ebasini Wav.files featuring Leemckrazy, Tman Xpress, Ceeka RSA,Visca, AL Xapo, and Sjavas DaDeejay.

The track becomes a sonic journey, blending Zerb & Sofiya Nzau’s core elements with Tyler ICU’s intricate beats and atmospheric textures.

Tyler ICU’s remix stands as a testament to the genre’s dynamic nature and the collaborative spirit that defines the Amapiano movement.

Zerb & Sofiya Nzau – Mwaki (Tyler ICU Remix)

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