VIDEO: DJ Karri & DJ Gizo – Ghida ft. 2woshort, Tebogo G Mashego & Bukzin Keys



DJ Karri and DJ Gizo work together on the official music video for Ghida featuring 2woshort, Tebogo G Mashego, and Bukzin Keys.

This collaboration becomes a testament to the genre’s ability to embrace different styles while maintaining its infectious energy.

DJ Karri and DJ Gizo are gradually becoming a duo as they recently worked on Hamba No Karri featuring Sbeez and Bukzin Kays.

2woshort’s dynamic delivery adds a layer of urban flair, while Tebogo G Mashego’s vocals contribute a soulful touch to the track. Bukzin Keys’ production becomes a key element in the composition, adding melodic richness to the overall sound.

DJ Karri and DJ Gizo orchestrate a lively groove that seamlessly incorporates diverse influences, creating a track that appeals to a broad spectrum of listeners. “Ghida” becomes an anthem for those who appreciate the genre’s ability to evolve and embrace various musical elements.


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