VIDEO: DJ Stokie & Eemoh – Masithokoze



DJ Stokie and Eemoh release the official music video for Masithokoze.

DJ Stokie and Eemoh come together to create a rhythm-filled and groove-inducing composition, brimming with infectious beats and lively melodies.

The track invites listeners to dance, celebrate, and immerse themselves in the vibrant rhythm. DJ Stokie continues to push more just like he did on Jay Sax’s track titled TIBUTE 2 LUCY.

The lyrics of “Masithokoze” express a message of celebration and the joy of coming together. The song captures the universal experience of dancing and reveling in life’s good times.

With its lively energy and captivating delivery, “Masithokoze” is a perfect addition to playlists for parties, gatherings, and moments of celebration, offering a taste of the exuberance and dance-inducing nature of Amapiano music.


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