VIDEO: TitoM, Yuppe & Burna Boy – Tshwala Bam (Remix) ft. S.N.E



TitoM and Yuppe create a remix of Tshwala Bam with Burna Boy featuring S.N.E.

TitoM and Yuppe’s dynamic production seamlessly blends pulsating beats with melodic piano riffs, creating an irresistible rhythm that is both captivating and dance-inducing. The success of the initial release has caught the attention of top musicians in the industry.

Burna Boy’s signature Afrobeat flair adds a global appeal, while S.N.E’s charismatic vocals bring a local flavor that grounds the track in its South African roots.

The remix is a perfect fusion of diverse musical influences, resulting in a track that is both uplifting and culturally rich, promising to be a hit at parties and dance floors worldwide.


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