VIDEO: Tyler ICU – Ebasini Wav.files ft. Leemckrazy, Tman Xpress, Ceeka RSA,Visca, AL Xapo & Sjavas DaDeejay



Tyler ICU releases the official music video for Ebasini Wav.files featuring Leemckrazy, Tman Xpress, Ceeka RSA,Visca, AL Xapo, and Sjavas DaDeejay.

This collaboration is not just a convergence of talents; it’s a celebration of the diverse soundscape within the Amapiano genre.

He joined the trend with this new release and adding a new one to his catalog after he worked with on Imhlolo featuring Ceeka RSA, Leemckrazy, and Khalil Harrison.

Each artist contributes a unique flavor, creating a track that seamlessly transitions between sonic elements. Leemckrazy, Tman Xpress, Ceeka RSA, Visca, AL Xapo, and Sjavas DaDeejay each leave their mark, showcasing the depth and versatility of their Amapiano craft.

The track is a testament to Tyler ICU’s ability to curate a harmonious convergence of talents, resulting in a composition that not only engages the listener but also invites them into a sonic tapestry woven with individual artistry.


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