VIDEO: Wordz – Birdz + Raps On My Shoulders ft. Mashbeatz & Sleazy



Wordz brings the official music video for Birdz + Raps On My Shoulders featuring Mashbeatz and Sleazy.

The artist collaborates with Mashbeatz and Sleazy, creating a sonic experience that blends impactful rhymes with a unique thematic approach.

He made his recent when he dropped his People for Forget to be People album.

The track unfolds as an avian anthem, with Wordz delivering verses that soar metaphorically while Sleazy adds a layer of smoothness to the narrative. The collaboration becomes a testament to the artist’s ability to merge poetic lyricism with thematic innovation.

The synergy between Wordz, Mashbeatz, and Sleazy creates a track that resonates with listeners who appreciate both the artistry of hip-hop and the depth of thematic storytelling.


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