A-Reece – PT2: The Big Hearted Guy



“PT2: The Big Hearted Guy” by A-Reece is a reflective and introspective track that showcases the artist’s lyrical prowess and storytelling ability.

The title, “PT2,” indicates a continuation of a musical narrative, and “The Big Hearted Guy” suggests a glimpse into the artist’s character and emotions.

A-Reece crafts a thought-provoking and emotionally charged composition filled with intricate wordplay, deep verses, and an atmosphere of contemplation. The track invites listeners to delve into the artist’s inner thoughts and experiences.

He released the project with tracks like White Noise featuring Jay Jody, God Laughs featuring Sjava & Shekhinah, and a few more.

The song serves as a platform for the artist to share his introspective journey and insights.

With its introspective lyrics and skillful delivery, “PT2: The Big Hearted Guy” is a track that resonates with those seeking depth and meaning in music, making it an ideal addition to playlists for moments of introspection and self-discovery.

A-Reece – PT2: The Big Hearted Guy

A-Reece – PT2: The Big Hearted Guy

1. A-Reece – Intro

2. A-Reece – The Run

3. A-Reece – West Africa Time ft. M.anifest

4. A-Reece – El Dorado ft. Fly Anakin

5. A-Reece – One Time ft. Blxckie

6. A-Reece – Ving Rhames

7. A-Reece – Changes Interlude

8. A-Reece – Angelz and Demonz

9. A-Reece – White Noise ft. Jay Jody

10. A-Reece – Set In Stone ft. Joey Fatts

11. A-Reece – Ronnie’s Interlude

12. A-Reece – God Laughs ft. Sjava & Shekhinah

13. A-Reece – Bruce Wayne

14. A-Reece – Too Much

15. A-Reece – Champion ft. M.anifest

16. A-Reece – Better New Interlude

17. A-Reece – Better Now

18. A-Reece – Want It All

19. A-Reece – Outro

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