ALBUM: Amanda Black – From My Soil To Yours



ALBUM: Amanda Black - From My Soil To Yours

“From My Soil To Yours” by Amanda Black is a deeply personal and soul-stirring album that serves as a heartfelt ode to the artist’s roots, experiences, and musical journey.

The album title hints at the intimacy and sincerity with which Amanda Black shares her narrative, drawing listeners into her world through music.

Each track within the album is a testament to Amanda Black’s musical evolution and emotive storytelling. With her emotive vocals and poignant lyrics, she traverses themes of love, identity, growth, and societal reflections, offering listeners a profound and introspective musical experience.

She introduced the project when she dropped Love is For Mahala.

It showcases Amanda Black’s versatility as an artist, effortlessly transitioning between soulful ballads and uptempo tracks while maintaining a consistent emotional depth throughout the album.

From powerful vocal performances to poignant songwriting, Amanda Black curates an album that resonates with universal themes yet remains deeply rooted in her personal experiences and cultural heritage.

Amanda Black – From My Soil To Yours

1. Amanda Black – Bettur

2. Amanda Black – Mali

3. Amanda Black – Love is For Mahala

4. Amanda Black – Nguwe

5. Amanda Black – Love My Body

6. Amanda Black – Isoka Lam

7. Amanda Black – Masithandane

8. Amanda Black – Family

9. Amanda Black – Ntaka Yam

10. Amanda Black – Believe

11. Amanda Black – Worth It

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