ALBUM: Big Zulu – Ngises’Congweni



Big Zulu - iKhaya Lakithi ft. uGatsheni

“Ngises’Congweni” is the latest album by South African rapper Big Zulu, known for his powerful lyricism and authentic storytelling.

Across the tracks, Big Zulu showcases his versatile flow and commanding delivery, offering listeners a glimpse into his world and the challenges he has overcome.

He introduced the project iKhaya Lakithi featuring uGatsheni.

From introspective ballads to hard-hitting anthems, “Ngises’Congweni” is a testament to Big Zulu’s resilience and determination, as well as his unwavering commitment to his craft.

With its potent blend of poignant lyricism and infectious beats, the album solidifies Big Zulu’s position as one of South Africa’s most compelling voices in hip-hop.

ALBUM: Big Zulu – Ngises’Congweni

1. Big Zulu – Ngises’Congweni ft. Umfoka Msezane

2. Big Zulu – Home Sweet Home ft. Inkabi Nation

3. Big Zulu – Kade Ngikhala

4. Big Zulu – Yek’Intokozo

5. Big Zulu – Ngicela Ukuphumelela ft. Zakwe

6. Big Zulu – iNsuku Ezinhle Nezimbi ft. Mnqobi Yazo

7. Big Zulu – iKhaya Lakithi ft. Ugatsheni

8. Big Zulu – Awufuni Ukung’Qoma

9. Big Zulu – Ingulube Yami

10. Big Zulu – Ngyazama Ngyahluleka

11. Big Zulu – Zehlise Makhwapheni ft. Mlindo The Vocalist

12. Big Zulu – Unkomo Z’banjiwe

13. Big Zulu – Ungenz’iBank ft. Makhadzi

14. Big Zulu – Ayina Cala Ingane ft. Makhadzi

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