ALBUM: DJ Gizo – Ngithule



DJ Gizo – Ngithule

DJ Gizo invites you to embark on a sonic adventure with his highly anticipated album, “Ngithule”.

This carefully crafted collection of tracks showcases DJ Gizo’s versatility and talent as a producer, offering a blend of Afro-house, Amapiano, and Afro-pop that is sure to captivate listeners.

DJ Gizo recently also played his part on Nguwe Nguwe featuring Drip Gogo, Mazet, and DJ Obza.

“Ngithule” is a testament to DJ Gizo’s ability to create music that transcends genres and defies expectations.

Each track on the album tells a unique story, with infectious beats, melodic hooks, and captivating vocal performances.

From the energetic dancefloor anthems to the soulful and introspective compositions, “Ngithule” offers a diverse range of sounds and emotions.

ALBUM: DJ Gizo – Ngithule

1. DJ Gizo – Ngithule (feat. NoxieKay, Mazet SA & MuziQALstheh)

2. DJ Gizo – Ikhaya’lam (feat. Mduduzi Ncube, Vocks, Mvzzle & JayPee DaKing)

3. DJ Gizo – Lotto (feat. M.J, Mabulala Channas, Bukiz Keys & AJ LEE)

4. DJ Gizo – Ng’hlambulele (feat. King Grizzy, Jay Bucks & MasterJoz)

5. DJ Gizo – Isibane (feat. Drip Gogo, Mazet & DJ Mboniiey)

6. DJ Gizo – Katileleziko (feat. Sessy, Dj Obza & Eight08_ICU Beats)

7. DJ Gizo – Etshwaleni (feat. Manana Highness, Bunny Energizer & MuziQALstheh)

8. DJ Gizo – Sphiwo sam (feat. DJ Obza, Mazet & JayPee DaKing)

9. DJ Gizo – Ngiyak’Thanda (feat. Bunny Energizer)

10. DJ Gizo – Saka (feat. Bukzin Keys)

11. DJ Gizo – Yoguetta (feat. Bukzin Keys)

12. DJ Gizo – Unamanga Usatane (feat. God’s Son, Krusher KR & MuziQALstheh)

13. DJ Gizo – Foreva Yena ft. SnowFlakes, Krusher KR & Manana Highness

14. DJ Gizo – Diroba ft. Eight08_ICU Beats

15. DJ Gizo – MeGa Bass ft. Pablo Le Bee

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