ALBUM: Loxion Deep – Legend (Deluxe Edition)



ALBUM: Loxion Deep – Legend (Deluxe Edition)

Loxion Deep takes listeners on a captivating sonic journey with the “Legend” (Deluxe Edition) album, a testament to the artist’s musical mastery within the Amapiano genre.

This deluxe release adds an extra layer of richness to the original “Legend” album, offering an extended and immersive experience for fans of Amapiano.

The album unfolds like a musical odyssey, with each track serving as a unique chapter in Loxion Deep’s narrative. He made his recent when he dropped Khanyisela featuring ilovelethu, and Sbu Ydn.

From the hypnotic beats to the intricate melodies, “Legend” (Deluxe Edition) showcases Loxion Deep’s ability to craft Amapiano compositions that are both sophisticated and danceable. The inclusion of additional tracks in the deluxe edition expands the sonic landscape, providing listeners with an even more comprehensive exploration of the artist’s creative prowess.

Loxion Deep’s production finesse shines through, creating an album that is not only a collection of songs but an immersive experience that invites listeners to get lost in the rhythmic tapestry of Amapiano.

ALBUM: Loxion Deep – Legend (Deluxe Edition)

1. Loxion Deep – Life After Death (Intro) ft. Mzweshper

2. Loxion Deep – Ungowami

3. Loxion Deep – Sweet Dreams ft. Double Gee & Phemelo Saxar

4. Loxion Deep, Rea WMNTA & Tonic Blue – Ke Piano (Ntho Tse Monate)

5. Loxion Deep – Uthando ft. ZEENHLE

6. Loxion Deep – Eres Mi Todo

7. Loxion Deep – Musicology ft. El Maestro & Dini

8. Loxion Deep & El Maestro – Nomathemba ft. Nele SA

9. Loxion Deep – Play Me A Song ft. Dutch

10. Loxion Deep – Empini ft. Ntando Yamahlubi

11. Loxion Deep & El Maestro – Blues & Soul ft. Dini

12. Loxion Deep – Over ft. Ntando Yamahlubi

13. Loxion Deep – Elements Of Life

14. Loxion Deep & Rea WMNTA – Childhood Dreams

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