ALBUM: Mr Thela – Tronics Land Series 2



“Tronics Land Series 2” by Mr Thela is an eagerly anticipated album that continues the sonic journey initiated by the artist in the first series.

This album, a sequel to the initial “Tronics Land Series,” showcases Mr Thela’s continued prowess in the Gqom genre, offering a collection of tracks that encapsulate the essence of Gqom music.

Each track within the album presents a unique sonic landscape, filled with pulsating beats, intricate rhythms, and the signature energy that defines Gqom.

He introduced the project when he dropped Kwandonga Ziyaduma featuring Njelic.

Mr Thela’s production expertise shines through, creating a dynamic sonic experience that resonates with both Gqom enthusiasts and music lovers seeking energetic and invigorating sounds.

“Tronics Land Series 2” is a testament to Mr Thela’s dedication to the genre, providing listeners with a diverse yet cohesive musical journey through the pulsating rhythms and infectious beats of Gqom music.

ALBUM: Mr Thela – Tronics Land Series 2

1. Mr Thela – Khaya Lam

Mr Thela – Ntinga Ntaka Remake ft. Supta, Thalitha & Obie

Mr Thela – Strings Of Life

Mr Thela – Kwandonga Ziyaduma ft. Njelic

Mr Thela – Thunderstorm

Mr Thela – Thulu’lalele

Mr Thela – Crossnight

Mr Thela – Bhele

Mr Thela – Rambo

Mr Thela – Wetsalang Remake

Mr Thela – Thela Wayeka ft. Leehleza & Kammu Dee

Mr Thela – Trip To UK

Mr Thela – Revival (Ubuyile)

Mr Thela – Fallo Cardiaco ft. Static

Mr Thela – Sun El Style

Mr Thela – Silent Killer ft. Mshayi

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