ALBUM: Newlandz Finest – Abaphansi



ALBUM: Newlandz Finest – Abaphansi

Abaphansi,” the latest album by Newlandz Finest, showcases the dynamic and innovative sound that the group is known for.

This album is a masterful blend of Gqom and house music, characterized by its pulsating rhythms, deep basslines, and hypnotic melodies. Each track on the album is meticulously produced, featuring intricate percussion and a seamless integration of traditional African musical elements with contemporary electronic sounds.

Newlandz Finest continues to release more albums as his recent was on The Culture of GQom.

The album opens with a powerful introduction that sets the tone for the rest of the journey. The production quality throughout the album is top-notch, with each track showcasing the duo’s attention to detail and their commitment to pushing the boundaries of the Gqom genre.

Vocally, the album features a variety of talented artists who bring their unique styles and perspectives to the music.

It is a testament to the group’s exceptional talent and their dedication to creating music that is both forward-thinking and deeply rooted in African musical traditions.

ALBUM: Newlandz Finest – Abaphansi

  1. Newlandz Finest & djelectronic – Jika Majka
  2. Newlandz Finest & AkiidMusiq – Gqom Wave
  3. Newlandz Finest – Drum & Bass
  4. Newlandz Finest & Deejay Zebra SA – Reunion Park
  5. Newlandz Finest, Thabiso WaY’Celela & West Record – Stop & Go
  6. Newlandz Finest – South Beach
  7. Newlandz Finest – Tec Me There
  8. Newlandz Finest & General C’mamane – Boom
  9. Newlandz Finest & Resto – Sambanabakithi
  10. Newlandz Finest & King Lee – Changing Shifts
  11. Newlandz Finest – Lamas

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