ALBUM: SjavasDaDeejay – My Love for Music Vol. 1



SjavasDaDeejay, Al Xapo & Snenaah – Ku Nini

Dive into the enchanting world of Amapiano with SjavasDaDeejay’s latest album, “My Love for Music.”

This musical journey is a testament to the artist’s profound connection with the craft, offering a captivating blend of rich sonic landscapes and emotive melodies.

In this album, SjavasDaDeejay showcases not only his technical prowess but also a deep passion for the art of creating music. Each track is a carefully crafted piece, a testament to the artist’s dedication to his craft and his love for the diverse sounds that define the Amapiano genre.

He opened the project with tracks like Power Bass featuring Mellow & Sleazy, Titom, Xduppy, Sgija featuring Yumbs, Mellow & Sleazy, Presser Mgani featuring Xduppy, Mellow & Sleazy, Titom & Tman Xpress, Umsebenzi featuring Mellow & Sleazy, Soul Revolver, Scotts Maphuma & CowBoii, and a few more.

Collaborations with fellow maestros, vocalists, and instrumentalists enrich the album, adding layers of depth and dimension. SjavasDaDeejay seamlessly weaves together his signature sound with the unique flavors brought by collaborators, resulting in a harmonious fusion of talents.

The album resonates not just with infectious beats but also with a profound emotional depth that invites listeners to connect on a visceral level.

As a cohesive body of work, the album unfolds like a musical journey. Each track contributes to the overall narrative, creating an immersive experience that captures the essence of SjavasDaDeejay’s love for music. The evocative melodies linger, the beats resonate, and the entire album becomes a mood-altering experience.

SjavasDaDeejay invites you to join him on this sonic adventure, where every note is a declaration of love for the art form. As you listen, you’ll discover that in this album, love for music knows no bounds—it’s a journey, an emotion, and a timeless expression of creativity.

ALBUM: SjavasDaDeejay – My Love for Music Vol. 1

1. SjavasDaDeejay – Ku Nini ft. AI Xapo, Snenaah & Dutch

2. SjavasDaDeejay – Falling for You ft. Boontle RSA & Titom

3. SjavasDaDeejay – Weh Mama ft. AI Xapo, Snenaah & Dutch

4. SjavasDaDeejay – You Are the One ft. Major League DJz, Senjay, Yedda, Senzo Africa & Zwayetoven

5. SjavasDaDeejay – Thando Lwakho ft. Titom, Leandra Vert & Toby Franco

6. SjavasDaDeejay – Sthandwa ft. Yumbs, Titom, Thulani Way, Makhekhe Jr, Rufaro Rcrds & K-Zaka

7. SjavasDaDeejay – Welele ft. Titom, Toby Franco & Tman Xpress

8. SjavasDaDeejay – Umsebenzi ft. Mellow & Sleazy, Soul Revolver, Scotts Maphuma & CowBoii

9. SjavasDaDeejay – Presser Mgani ft. Xduppy, Mellow & Sleazy, Titom & Tman Xpress

10. SjavasDaDeejay – Askies I’m Sorry ft. LastBornDiroba, ShaunMusiQ, Ftears, Kabelo Sings & Titom

11. SjavasDaDeejay – Emcimbini ft. Ceeka RSA, Nandipha808, Mellow & Sleazy, Leemckrazy, Scotts Maphuma & CowBoii

12. SjavasDaDeejay – Sgija ft. Yumbs, Mellow & Sleazy

13. SjavasDaDeejay – Power Bass ft. Mellow & Sleazy, Titom, Xduppy

14. SjavasDaDeejay – Ithuba ft. Xduppy, Titom, Kabelo Sings & ShaunMusiQ & Ftears

15. SjavasDaDeejay – Zya Jika ft. Felo Le Tee, Mellow & Sleazy, Boontle RSA & Keynote

16. SjavasDaDeejay – Sgidongo ft. Vyno Keys

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