SjavasDaDeejay – Sgija ft. Yumbs, Mellow & Sleazy



SjavasDaDeejay, Al Xapo & Snenaah – Ku Nini

“Sgija” by SjavasDaDeejay featuring Yumbs, Mellow & Sleazy is an Amapiano gem that showcases the collaborative prowess of these talented artists. The title, “Sgija,” suggests a track that is poised to captivate with its uplifting grooves and infectious melodies.

The production unfolds with a fusion of rhythmic beats, lush harmonies, and dynamic synths.

Yumbs’ vocal contributions add a soulful dimension, while Mellow & Sleazy’s production expertise shines through in the carefully crafted arrangement. SjavasDaDeejay released the new groove from his latest project titled My Love For Music.

As the beats progress, listeners are taken on a journey that traverses various moods and textures, showcasing the artists’ ability to create a multi-dimensional sonic experience.

SjavasDaDeejay – Sgija ft. Yumbs, Mellow & Sleazy

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