ALBUM: Uncle Waffles – Asylum



Uncle Waffles - Asylum

Uncle Waffles drops her second project titled Asylum.

It holds 7 tracks and features artists like Tony Duardo, 3Two1, Optimist Music ZA, Pcee, Eeque, and a few more on it.

Her first album Red Dragon held hit songs that became a trend.

The new EP also included her hit track Yahyuppiyah featuring Pcee, Eeque, and Chley.

This also is set to hold more records in the industry.

ALBUM: Uncle Waffles – Asylum

1. Uncle Waffles, Shakes & Les – Sgubhuandro

2. Uncle Waffles, Tony Duardo & Justin99 – Yahyuppiyah ft. Pcee, Eeque & Chley

3. Uncle Waffles & Tony Duardo – Morroco ft. Milkiee & Scumie

4. Uncle Waffles – SLS ft. Shakes & Les

5. Uncle Waffles & Tony Duardo – Angry Bird ft. 3two1 & Optimist Music ZA

6. Uncle Waffles & Tony Duardo – Babiee ft. Jelly Babie & Chley

7. Uncle Waffles – Blue Tick ft. DJ Stresser & Vuyo

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