ALBUM: Zan’Ten – Another Version Of Us



ALBUM: Zan'Ten - Another Version Of Us

Zan’Ten finally releases their postponed album titled Another Version Of Us.

The project holds 14 tracks featuring artists like Malemon, Djy Biza, and a few more.

They also released other tracks like Abancan featuring Welz and Jeke Maan featuring Malemon, Djy Biza and 10x Guluva.

In showing what they can do to their fans, they drop this new track.

ALBUM: Zan’Ten – Another Version Of Us

1. Zan’Ten – Crossroads Of Stories ft. Kyika DaSoul

2. Zan’Ten – Izolo Lokho

3. Zan’Ten – Impulse ft. Thabi P

4. Zan’Ten – Come On ft. Kyika DaSoul & Marsey

5. Zan’Ten – Staptap ft. Kyika DaSoul

6. Zan’Ten – eMpilweni Yam

7. Zan’Ten – Jeke Maan ft. Malemon, Djy Biza & 10x Guluva

8. Zan’Ten – Umshiso ft. Scoop Lezinto

9. Zan’Ten – No Mystery

10. Zan’Ten – Endless Motion

11. Zan’Ten – Nocturno

12. Zan’Ten – Sweet Monday

13. Zan’Ten – Abancane ft. Welz

14. Zan’Ten – Paradise ft. Jay Sax & Djy Biza

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