Comado – Let Me Be EP



Comado releases this new project titled Let Me Be EP.

He puts it out with 6 tracks featuring artists like Soloh, Tumisho, Mthandazo Gatya, and a few more on it.

They increase the amount of jam to listen to for the weekend after Comado made his last debut on Bhabha (Fly) by Tumisho.

Comado and Mthandazo Gatya are a common duo we see together. They made their last appearance on Mzalwane with DJ Manzo and Aflat.

Taking it to the right place for the weekend, he drops this new EP.

Comado – Let Me Be EP

1. Comado – Indaba (feat. Soloh)

2. Comado – Liyangibiza (feat. Melody)

3. Comado – Mali (feat. Presh & Tumisho)

4. Comado – Mdali (feat. Mthandazo Gatya & Presh)

5. Comado – Ngena (feat. Melody & K Sugah)

6. Comado – Ngiyalila (feat. Miranda)

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