Dr Feel – Ujima II



Dr Feel – Ujima II

Dr Feel takes the reins of the Amapiano groove with “Ujima II,” a track that encapsulates the feel-good essence of the genre.

As the beats unfold, listeners are invited to immerse themselves in a rhythmic journey where Dr Feel’s production expertise becomes the driving force behind the infectious energy.

He continues to deliver more project just like he did when he worked with Leo Guardo and Toshi on Yolanda (Original Mix).

Dr Feel’s signature sound, characterized by intricate beats and layered instrumentation, becomes the heartbeat of the track. The infectious rhythm is bound to captivate audiences, making “Ujima II” a staple for those seeking an Amapiano anthem that brings joy to the dancefloor.

As the track progresses, it becomes clear that “Ujima II” is more than just a composition; it’s a testament to Dr Feel’s ability to craft Amapiano tracks that not only showcase his production prowess but also embody the genre’s ability to uplift and energize.

Dr Feel – Ujima II

1. Dr Feel – Ujima II (Original Mix)

2. Dr Feel – Ujima I (Original Mix)

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