Holly Rey – 3AM Pt. 1 EP



Holly Rey’s “3AM Pt. 1” is an immersive musical journey through the depths of emotion and self-discovery.

This EP is a testament to Holly Rey’s distinctive artistry as she explores themes of love, introspection, and personal growth. With each track, listeners are invited to step into the world of Holly Rey’s introspective storytelling and emotive vocals. She made the proper introduction to the project by releasing 25 To Life featuring Blinky Bill.

Holly Rey’s soulful and evocative vocals convey the emotions of vulnerability and longing, drawing the listener into her world.

The EP’s production is a blend of electronic and pop elements, creating a dynamic sonic landscape that complements the lyrical depth of each song.

It’s a deeply personal and resonant collection of songs that will leave a lasting impression on those who immerse themselves in its emotional depth.

Holly Rey – 3AM Pt. 1 EP

1. Holly Rey – Ngiyazifela

2. Holly Rey – 25 To Life ft. Blinky Bill

3. Holly Rey – Inhiliziyo

4. Holly Rey – Crazy In Love

5. Holly Rey – Time

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