InQfive – PEACE V EP



InQfive – PEACE V EP

InQfive delivers a sonic masterpiece with the “PEACE V EP,” a collection of Amapiano tracks that unveil the genre’s elegance through meticulously crafted compositions.

The EP showcases InQfive’s ability to navigate diverse sonic landscapes within the Amapiano realm, offering listeners a serene and immersive experience.

InQfive made his recent when he worked with DJExpo SA and Lizwi on This Is Love.

InQfive’s production finesse is evident in the seamless transitions and intricate melodies that unfold throughout the EP. Each track within the collection adds a unique dimension to the overall sonic tapestry.

InQfive’s exploration of Amapiano’s melodic possibilities makes this EP a standout release, capturing the essence of the genre’s evolving landscape.

InQfive – PEACE V EP

1. InQfive – Jungle Fever

2. InQfive – Umoya

3. InQfive – Universal Drums

4. InQfive & Knight Warriors – God Flame

5. InQfive – Spirit Nation

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