InQfive, DJExpo SA & Lizwi – This Is Love



InQfive, DJExpo SA & Lizwi – This Is Love

“This Is Love” by InQfive, DJExpo SA & Lizwi is a melodic and soulful track that intertwines emotive vocals with rhythmic beats. The song opens with heartfelt lyrics and captivating melodies, immediately evoking a sense of depth and emotion.

InQfive, DJExpo SA, and Lizwi’s musical collaboration showcases a fusion of captivating beats and heartfelt lyricism.

His recent was on his Lost Projects EP.

This Is Love” is an anthem for emotional depth and sincerity, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in its calming rhythms and heartfelt vocals.

The track’s emotive and introspective melodies make it an ideal addition to playlists meant for moments of introspection, relaxation, or simply appreciating profound musical compositions.

InQfive, DJExpo SA & Lizwi – This Is Love

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