Just Mo & Deep Essentials – About Time EP



Just Mo & Deep Essentials – About Time EP

“About Time EP” by Just Mo & Deep Essentials is a celebration of house music’s timeless appeal, showcasing the talents of two prolific producers in the genre.

This EP is a carefully curated collection of tracks that highlight the duo’s ability to blend classic house elements with modern production techniques, resulting in a fresh and exciting sound.

The uplifting melodies and driving bassline create an invigorating atmosphere, perfect for setting the tone of the EP. Just Mo & Deep Essentials skillfully layer synths and percussion to build a track that is both energetic and emotive, making it an ideal opener.

The intricate interplay of melodies and rhythms demonstrates Just Mo & Deep Essentials’ knack for creating tracks that are both danceable and emotionally resonant. The track’s infectious groove and catchy hooks make it a standout on the EP.

Deep Essentials made his recent when he dropped his project Precious Love.

The use of live instrumentation and subtle electronic elements highlights the duo’s versatility and willingness to experiment with different sounds.

The infectious rhythm and uplifting melodies create a sense of euphoria, bringing the EP to a satisfying conclusion. The track’s anthemic quality and positive energy make it a perfect closer, leaving listeners with a lasting impression.

Each track is carefully crafted to highlight the duo’s strengths, from creating uplifting dancefloor anthems to more introspective, mood-setting pieces. This EP is a must-listen for any house music enthusiast, offering a fresh take on the genre while staying true to its roots.

Just Mo & Deep Essentials – About Time EP

1. Just Mo & Deep Essentials – Night Time

2. Just Mo & Deep Essentials – Project X

3. Just Mo & Deep Essentials – Soulful Memoir

4. Just Mo & Deep Essentials – Sparkles

5. Just Mo & Deep Essentials – The Beat

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