Mac Lopez – Izipho EP



Mac Lopez & Emkay – Bhega Phezulu ft. Hlokza

“Izipho” is an enchanting EP by Mac Lopez that transports listeners to a world of rhythmic beauty and melodic splendor.

Mac Lopez’s production skills shine as he crafts a sonic landscape that’s both intricate and harmonious. The EP consists of multiple tracks, each offering a unique sonic experience that showcases Mac Lopez’s creativity and artistry.

He also opened it with Emkay on Bhega Phezulu featuring Hlokza.

From the enchanting melodies of the opening track to the rhythmic diversity of subsequent songs, “Izipho” is a captivating musical journey through the emotions of love, beauty, and cultural appreciation.

This EP is not just a collection of songs; it’s a celebration of the power of music to evoke profound feelings and create moments of introspection and delight. “Izipho” offers listeners a glimpse into the artist’s world and invites them to immerse themselves in the enchanting soundscape he has created.

Mac Lopez – Izipho EP

1. Mac lopez & Emkay – Bhega Phezulu ft. Hlokza

2. Mac lopez – Amazon

3. Mac lopez & Nhlonipho – Tata ft. Fantas the DJ

4. Mac lopez & Mawhoo – Bayangzonda

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