Pastor Snow – Jo-Funk EP



Pastor Snow – Jo-Funk EP

“Jo-Funk EP” by Pastor Snow is a captivating fusion of Afro-house and funk influences, delivering a collection of tracks that evoke a sense of groove and rhythm. The EP presents a dynamic mix of energetic beats and soulful melodies.

Pastor Snow’s production prowess shines through each track, offering a blend of infectious rhythms and melodious arrangements. “Jo-Funk EP” embodies a spirit of celebration and musical innovation, delivering a balance of lively tunes and soul-stirring compositions.

His recent was on his Misunderstood album.

With its eclectic soundscape and engaging melodies, showcases Pastor Snow’s ability to infuse Afro-house with funk elements, creating an EP that resonates with both dance enthusiasts and lovers of soulful music.

Pastor Snow – Jo-Funk EP

1. Pastor Snow & Isaac Music – IQaqa (Original Mix)

2. Pastor Snow – Jo-Funk (Original Mix)

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