Q-Mark – Suka Ekhoneni EP



Q-Mark - Suka Ekhoneni EP

“Suka Ekhoneni” by Q-Mark is an enthralling EP that embodies the vibrant spirit of South African Amapiano music.

The EP’s title translates to “Arrive at the Place” in Zulu, signifying the journey embarked upon through the tracks within the release.

Each track in the EP offers a unique sonic experience, with pulsating rhythms, captivating beats, and the signature groove that defines Amapiano music.

He made his recent when he worked with Afriikan Papi on Amandla featuring Slick Widit.

Q-Mark’s production expertise shines through, crafting a collection of tunes that are both infectious and evocative, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the lively soundscape.

“Suka Ekhoneni” stands as a testament to Q-Mark’s skill in curating an EP that resonates with the energy and essence of contemporary Amapiano, making it a delightful addition to playlists seeking upbeat and rhythm-driven music.

Q-Mark – Suka Ekhoneni EP

1. Q-Mark, Afriikan Papi & Slick Widit – iBhubezi

2. Q-Mark, Just Bheki & Slick Widit – Sergean ft. Axe Ray

3. Q-Mark – Pirara

4. Q-Mark & Vernotile – Suka Ekhoneni

5. Q-Mark & Ahbi Kufa – Hooked On You

6. Q-Mark & Fargo Trance – Umshini

7. Q-Mark & Calvin Shaw – Impahla

8. Q-Mark & Isphandi – Happy Soul

9. Q-Mark & Slick Widit – The Glitch

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