Q Twins – Iqiniso EP



“Iqiniso” is an EP by the Q Twins, a dynamic duo known for their exceptional vocal abilities and heartfelt music. This EP is a collection of songs that showcase the twins’ versatility and talent.

The EP features a range of tracks, each with its own unique style and message. From uplifting anthems to soulful ballads, “Iqiniso” offers a diverse listening experience for fans of various music genres.

Q Twins opened the project when they also dropped Sizonyuka featuring Prince Bulo, Akuphelanga featuring Xowla & DJ Tira, and a few more.

Throughout the EP, the Q Twins’ harmonious voices shine, carrying powerful emotions and stories. The themes explored in “Iqiniso” touch on love, relationships, empowerment, and celebration.

With this EP, the Q Twins continue to establish themselves as prominent figures in the South African music scene, delivering music that resonates with audiences and reflects their passion for storytelling through song. Whether you’re in the mood for a heartfelt ballad or a lively dance track, “Iqiniso” has something to offer for every music enthusiast.

Q Twins – Iqiniso EP

Q Twins – Iqiniso EP

1. Q Twins – Sizonyuka (feat. Prince Bulo)

2. Q Twins – Akuphelanga (feat. Xowla & DJ Tira)

3. Q Twins – Ikhosomba

4. Q Twins – Ngifihliwe

5. Q Twins – Sikulindile

6. Q Twins – Iqiniso

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