Q Twins – Akuphelanga ft. Xowla & DJ Tira



“Akuphelanga” is a dynamic collaboration by the Q Twins, featuring Xowla and DJ Tira. The song kicks off with a vibrant and rhythmic beat, immediately drawing the listener into its energetic soundscape.

The Q Twins’ harmonious and soulful vocals take center stage, delivering a powerful message about resilience and rising above challenges. The addition of Xowla’s unique vocal stylings enhances the song’s diversity and depth.

The new release got included in their latest EP titled Iqiniso.

DJ Tira’s influence is evident in the infectious beats and catchy production, which infuses elements of Afro-house and South African dance music. “Akuphelanga” is an anthem of strength and empowerment, encouraging listeners to overcome obstacles and keep moving forward.

With its uplifting message and infectious rhythm, this track is sure to become a favorite for those who enjoy Afro-house and uplifting, empowering music.

Q Twins – Akuphelanga ft. Xowla & DJ Tira

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