Stogie T – Shallow EP



“Shallow EP” by Stogie T is a profound exploration of themes ranging from personal introspection to social commentary.

Known for his lyrical prowess, Stogie T delivers a collection of tracks that delve deep into the human experience, touching on issues of identity, struggle, and triumph.

This sonic diversity complements Stogie T’s versatile flow, which shifts seamlessly between hard-hitting bars and more reflective verses. The EP opens with a powerful track that sets the tone, drawing listeners into Stogie T’s world with compelling storytelling and intricate rhymes.

He introduced the project when he also released The Get Back (Zimkile) featuring Msaki.

Throughout the EP, Stogie T collaborates with several artists, each bringing their unique flavor to the project.

These collaborations enhance the thematic depth and musical texture of the EP, making it a well-rounded and engaging listen.

Stogie T – Shallow EP

Stogie T – Shallow EP

1. 80’s Love – Stogie T (feat. Brittney Crush)

2. The Get Back (Zimkile) – Stogie T (feat. Msaki)

3. Too Late for Mama – Stogie T (feat. Bonj)

4. Shallow – Stogie T (feat. Apu Sebekedi)

5. Biko’s Ghost – Stogie T (feat. Saul Williams)

6. Dux Africanus – Stogie T

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