Stogie T – The Get Back (Zimkile) ft. Msaki



Stogie T’s “The Get Back (Zimkile)” featuring the soulful Msaki is a powerful collaboration that blends hip-hop with poignant lyricism and emotive vocals.

Known for his thoughtful and introspective rhymes, Stogie T delves into themes of resilience, reflection, and reclaiming one’s narrative in this track.

Msaki’s hauntingly beautiful voice adds a layer of depth and emotional resonance, making the song a compelling listen.

Stogie T’s recent was from his Shallow EP. The beat were characterized by its steady, contemplative rhythm and subtle instrumentation, which complements the introspective nature of the lyrics.

On this new release, Stogie T’s verses are filled with insightful commentary on personal and societal issues, delivered with his signature poetic style.

Msaki’s chorus is a standout moment, her voice soaring with a mixture of hope and melancholy.

The collaboration between Stogie T and Msaki is seamless, showcasing a synergy that elevates the track to new heights.

Stogie T – The Get Back (Zimkile) ft. Msaki

Stogie T – The Get Back (Zimkile) ft. Msaki

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