A-Reece – Red Dragon ft. 25K & Jay Jody



A-Reece celebrates the day for the bruhs as he drops this new track titled Red Dragon featuring 25K and Jay Jody.

He drops the new track in celebrating the 204 day, the Kush day.

In releasing holding the project for his fans, he curved this new track from the lengthy project titled The Burning Tree.

A-Reece also made sure the track had enough releases by dropping others including Intentions Interlude, Live Once Interlude featuring Loatinover Pounds, Bellator featuring IMP THA DON, and more.

Every year, pot smokers all over the world celebrate April 20 (or 4/20) as an excuse to get high with friends and large crowds.

A-Reece – Red Dragon ft. 25K & Jay Jody

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