Aytiwan & Lizwi – Isimanga (Original Mix)



Aytiwan & Lizwi – Isimanga (Original Mix)

Aytiwan and Lizwi embark on a cultural alchemy in the “Isimanga” Original Mix, a track that intertwines Aytiwan’s production prowess with Lizwi’s evocative vocals.

The result is a sonic journey that pays homage to cultural roots while creating a contemporary and danceable composition.

Lizwi made his recent when he worked with Tayllor and Aaron Sevilla on Yibona.

The track becomes a fusion of traditional elements and modern production, where each layer contributes to the overall richness of the sound. The collaboration between Aytiwan and Lizwi becomes a celebration of musical diversity, with the track resonating as a testament to the power of cross-cultural collaboration.

Aytiwan and Lizwi craft a composition that not only invites listeners to move to its infectious rhythm but also encourages them to appreciate the beauty of cultural diversity within the realm of music.

Aytiwan & Lizwi – Isimanga (Original Mix)

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