De Mogul SA – Thongalami ft. GuguPash



Thongalami is a soulful and emotive track from acclaimed producer De Mogul SA, featuring the haunting vocals of GuguPash.

With its atmospheric production and introspective lyrics, Thongalami transports listeners on a journey of love, longing, and introspection.

De Mogul SA made his recent on PITSO featuring Decency.

The track’s lush instrumentation, including delicate piano melodies and ethereal synths, creates a mesmerizing soundscape that perfectly complements GuguPash’s soulful delivery.

From its haunting opening notes to its poignant climax, Thongalami is a captivating ode to the complexities of love and desire.

De Mogul SA – Thongalami ft. GuguPash

De Mogul SA – Thongalamii ft. GuguPash

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