Exte C – Blvck



Exte C - Blvck

“Blvck” by Exte C is a captivating Afro-house track that takes listeners on a hypnotic journey through pulsating beats and entrancing melodies.

Exte C showcases his production skills as he crafts a sonic landscape that’s both intricate and immersive. The track creates an atmosphere of introspection and groove, inviting listeners to lose themselves in its rhythmic embrace. Exte C dropped this new one also after he dropped Boogie With Ex.

The production is marked by dynamic beats and a hypnotic rhythm that evokes a sense of nightlife and urban mystique.

With its entrancing melodies and deep rhythms, “Blvck” is a testament to the power of Afro-house to create a sense of atmosphere and mood, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in the mysteries of the night.

Exte C – Blvck

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