Group Chat & Mthunzi – Estikini



Group Chat & Mthunzi – Estikini

Immerse yourself in a world of sonic beauty and emotional depth with “Estikini,” a collaboration between Group Chat and Mthunzi.

This track is a melodic masterpiece that captures the essence of love, longing, and human connection, creating a musical experience that is both introspective and evocative.

The production is characterized by its delicate instrumentation and lush harmonies, creating a sonic landscape that is both intimate and grand. Group Chat and Mthunzi’s collaborative efforts shine through, as they craft a composition that is as intricate as it is captivating.

Mthunzi’s vibe continues to be consistent. He recently played a part when he featured on Njelic’s track titled Umthandazo featuring Busi N, Laud, and Luu Nineleven.

Mthunzi’s soulful vocals are the heart of the track, infusing it with a sense of vulnerability and authenticity.

The track’s ebb and flow mirror the complexities of human relationships, inviting listeners to reflect on their own experiences and emotions. It’s a song that speaks directly to the heart, offering solace and connection through its beautiful composition.

Allow yourself to be swept away by the emotional beauty of “Estikini” as Group Chat and Mthunzi invite you to experience the magic of their collaborative creation.

Group Chat & Mthunzi – Estikini

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