HouseXcape, Mellow & Sleazy – 012Melodies (Dance Mix)



HouseXcape, Mellow & Sleazy – 012Melodies (Dance Mix)

“012Melodies (Dance Mix)” by HouseXcape, Mellow & Sleazy is a captivating Amapiano track that exemplifies the genre’s infectious rhythms and melodic richness.

The track opens with a blend of intricate piano riffs and subtle percussive elements, immediately setting a groovy and inviting tone. HouseXcape’s production skills are on full display as the track seamlessly transitions between various melodic and rhythmic layers.

Mellow & Sleazy bring their signature style to the mix, infusing the track with vibrant energy and dynamic beats. The Amapiano duo recently worked on Focalistic’s track titled Summer Ya Mapara featuring Thama Tee.

The song’s structure is designed to keep listeners engaged, with well-timed drops and buildups that enhance its dance-floor appeal. The blend of electronic elements with traditional Amapiano instrumentation results in a track that is both contemporary and rooted in the genre’s heritage. The repeated melodic motifs add a hypnotic quality to the mix, making “012Melodies” a track that listeners will find themselves returning to.

Their ability to blend melodic sophistication with rhythmic intensity creates a track that is perfect for both casual listening and energetic dance sessions. This song is a must-listen for fans of Amapiano and dance music alike.

HouseXcape, Mellow & Sleazy – 012Melodies (Dance Mix)

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