INNOVATIVE DJz – Amapupho ft. Nocy Dee



INNOVATIVE DJz – Amapupho ft. Nocy Dee

INNOVATIVE DJz showcase their Amapiano prowess with “Amapupho,” a vibrant track featuring the talents of Nocy Dee.

This collaboration becomes an Amapiano extravaganza, where INNOVATIVE DJz’s dynamic beats and Nocy Dee’s vocal flair come together to create a danceable and infectious composition.

He made his recent appearance when he dropped Makukhanye featuring Wade Yarrow.

Nocy Dee’s vocals add a melodic layer to the track, enhancing its overall appeal. The collaboration becomes a celebration of Amapiano’s ability to fuse diverse elements into a cohesive and engaging sound.

The track not only invites listeners to the dancefloor but also showcases the genre’s versatility and ability to evolve. “Amapupho” becomes an anthem for Amapiano enthusiasts, embodying the genre’s spirit of celebration and infectious energy.

INNOVATIVE DJz – Amapupho ft. Nocy Dee

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