InQfive – Uhambo (Original Mix)



“Uhambo” (Original Mix) by InQfive is a musical journey characterized by its mesmerizing soundscapes and entrancing rhythms.

InQfive, known for his expertise in Afro-house, takes listeners on an auditory adventure with this original mix.

The music unfolds like a sonic expedition, featuring lush instrumentations, atmospheric elements, and pulsating beats that guide the listener through a captivating experience. InQfive pulled his recent when he worked with DJExpo SA and Lizwi on This Is Love.

InQfive’s production prowess is evident in the meticulous arrangement of sounds, creating a rich and immersive sonic landscape.

“Uhambo” is a testament to InQfive’s ability to craft compositions that transcend the ordinary, offering a unique and contemplative musical experience.

InQfive – Uhambo (Original Mix)

InQfive – Uhamboo (Original Mix)

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