June Jazzin & Nathi Mlambo – Vimba



June Jazzin & Nathi Mlambo – Vimba

“Vimba” by June Jazzin & Nathi Mlambo is a mesmerizing blend of Afro-house and soulful elements. The track opens with an entrancing rhythm that sets a mellow yet groovy atmosphere.

June Jazzin & Nathi Mlambo’s collaborative effort creates a harmonious fusion of melodies and musical textures.

“Vimba” embodies a narrative of tranquility and musical depth, expressed through its soothing melodies and laid-back composition. He made his recent when he also dropped his Lifestyle Jam EP.

This track’s melodic charm and relaxed vibes make it an ideal addition to playlists seeking soulful and calming tunes, offering a fusion of tranquil beats and emotive melodies.

June Jazzin & Nathi Mlambo – Vimba

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