Kabza De Small – Konka Live Mix 14/Aug/23



“Konka Live Mix 14/Aug/23” is a testament to the extraordinary talent and creative genius of Kabza De Small.

Renowned as one of the pioneering figures in the Amapiano movement, Kabza De Small once again takes center stage with this live mix, offering listeners a captivating and immersive musical journey.

From the moment the mix begins, it’s evident that Kabza De Small is a master at orchestrating a sonic experience. The opening beats set the tone for what’s to come, drawing listeners into a world where rhythm and melody coalesce in perfect harmony. As the mix progresses, the transitions between tracks are seamless, creating a continuous flow that keeps the energy high and the excitement palpable.

Kabza made his recent when he worked with DJ Maphorisa on Ungiphethe Kahle featuring Nokwazi, MaWhoo, Mashudu, and LeeArt.

Whether it’s the infectious groove of dancefloor anthems or the soulful melodies that tug at the heartstrings, Kabza De Small’s impeccable track selection ensures that there’s something for everyone in this mix.

Kabza De Small’s signature production style shines through, with intricate layers of sound that create a rich and immersive sonic landscape. The mix is a testament to his skill in creating a sonic tapestry that’s both intricate and accessible.

With its expertly curated tracklist, seamless transitions, and infectious energy, this mix is a testament to his status as a true maestro of the Amapiano genre.

Kabza De Small – Konka Live Mix 14/Aug/23

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