KNOWLEY-D & Lolo SA – Thando Lwakho



KNOWLEY-D & Lolo SA – Thando Lwakho

KNOWLEY-D and Lolo SA collaborate on “Thando Lwakho,” a soulful Amapiano ode that encapsulates the essence of love and affection.

This track becomes a heartfelt expression, where the artists weave a musical narrative that resonates with the emotions associated with deep connections.

He recently paired up with Busta 929 on Ubumnandi featuring Mashudu, Nation-365, and Msamaria.

The track unfolds as a lyrical journey through the intricacies of love, with each note carrying the weight of heartfelt expression. Lolo SA’s vocals add a layer of soul-stirring depth, enhancing the emotional resonance of the composition.

The track becomes an intimate conversation, inviting listeners into a space where love is not only felt but also heard.

KNOWLEY-D & Lolo SA – Thando Lwakho

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