Mpho.Wav – Close To You ft. Deena G



Mpho.Wav – Close To You ft. Deena G

“Close To You” is a delightful collaboration by Mpho.wav, featuring Deena G. The song begins with a warm and inviting melody that sets the stage for a romantic musical journey.

Mpho.wav’s smooth and soulful vocals create an atmosphere of intimacy and affection, expressing the longing to be close to a loved one. Deena G’s contribution adds a layer of emotional depth to the track.

He made his recent when he worked with KekeLingo on Jeteme featuring Zakes Bantwini.

“Close To You” is a love song that speaks of the desire to be near the person you hold dear and the warmth of their presence. It beautifully encapsulates the feeling of being in love.

This track is perfect for those who appreciate soulful, R&B-inspired music that explores themes of romance and affection. “Close To You” is a musical declaration of love and a soothing ode to the magic of human connections.

Mpho.Wav – Close To You ft. Deena G

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