Mpho.Wav & Leko M – Amakilometer



“Amakilometer” by Mpho.Wav & Leko M is a captivating fusion of Amapiano elements and spirited rhythms.

The track opens with an infectious rhythm that immediately sets a vibrant and groove-filled atmosphere.

Mpho.Wav & Leko M deliver a dynamic and melodious performance. “Amakilometer” embodies a spirit of celebration and musical innovation, portrayed through its vibrant melodies and energetic composition.

He recently also worked with Malumz on Decks on Teka.

This track’s pulsating beats and spirited performances make it an exciting addition to playlists seeking vibrant and engaging tunes, offering a fusion of lively beats and dynamic musical textures.

Mpho.Wav & Leko M – Amakilometer

Mpho.Wav & Leko M – 

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