Nkulee 501 – Yeyeye ft. TribSoul, Mellow & Sleazy



Nkulee501, Skroef28 & HouseXcape - Unreleased ft. Young Stunna

“Yeyeye” by Nkulee 501 featuring TribSoul, Mellow & Sleazy is an electrifying collaboration within the Amapiano realm.

The track pulses with infectious beats and vibrant rhythms, showcasing the collective talents of these artists.

He recently worked with Skroef28 on Dladla Lengoma.

Nkulee 501’s production skills intertwine seamlessly with the distinctive contributions of TribSoul, Mellow & Sleazy, creating an anthemic groove that’s bound to captivate listeners.

“Yeyeye” is a testament to the genre’s energy and collaborative spirit, offering a fusion of dynamic beats and captivating melodies.

Nkulee 501 – Yeyeye ft. TribSoul, Mellow & Sleazy

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