Spirit Of Praise – Bina Moya Waka ft. Mmatema



Spirit Of Praise - Nasempini ft. Ayanda Ntanzi

“Bina Moya Waka” by Spirit Of Praise featuring Mmatema is a powerful and spiritually uplifting gospel track that captures the essence of faith and devotion.

The title “Bina Moya Waka” translates to “Give me your Spirit” in Shona, signaling a deep plea for spiritual connection.

The track opens with a resounding choir and an atmosphere of reverence, immediately creating a sacred space for worship. Mmatema’s commanding vocals lead the congregation in a prayerful experience, invoking a profound sense of spiritual connection. The Gospel group currently has one of their tops, Moy’ Oyingcwele (Live) 9 featuring Ayanda Ntanzi, trending.

Spirit Of Praise and Mmatema collaborate to create a song that’s both emotionally resonant and spiritually captivating, making it a standout addition to the gospel music landscape.

Spirit Of Praise – Bina Moya Waka ft. Mmatema

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