Tebza De DJ & Aisha Dawn – Ngiyakuthanda



Tebza De DJ & Aisha Dawn – Ngiyakuthanda

“Ngiyakuthanda” by Tebza De DJ and Aisha Dawn is a soulful Afro-house track that explores the theme of love and affection.

The title, which means “I Love You” in isiZulu, sets the tone for the song’s heartfelt lyrics and emotive melodies.

He recently worked with ViRE on a combo track titled Trust the Process.

Tebza De DJ’s smooth production blends traditional African rhythms with contemporary electronic elements, creating a lush and atmospheric sound that envelops the listener.

Aisha Dawn’s soulful vocals soar over the music, delivering poignant verses and impassioned choruses that express the depth of her feelings.

“Ngiyakuthanda” is a romantic anthem that celebrates the power of love and the joy of being with someone special.

Tebza De DJ & Aisha Dawn – Ngiyakuthanda

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