The Neighbors & Lizwi – Enough



The Neighbors & Lizwi - Enough

“Enough” by The Neighbors and Lizwi is a soulful and emotive Afro-house track that explores themes of love, longing, and human connection.

The Neighbors and Lizwi collaborate to create a heartfelt and melodic composition filled with emotive vocals, rich instrumentals, and an atmosphere of romance and introspection. The track encourages listeners to immerse themselves in the emotive journey and reflect on their own experiences of love.

Lizwi steps on the gas again giving the feeling of The Light (Extended Mix).

The song serves as a celebration of love and its transformative power.

With its soul-stirring delivery and melodic richness, “Enough” is a track that resonates with those looking for heartfelt and emotionally charged music that celebrates the beauty of love and connection. It’s a touching addition to playlists for moments of romance and intimacy.

The Neighbors & Lizwi – Enough

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