Vic_Typhoon, Mashudu & Omit ST – Hatima



Vic_Typhoon, Mashudu & Omit ST – Hatima

“Hatima” by Vic_Typhoon, Mashudu, and Omit ST is an energetic and rhythmic fusion of Afrobeat and hip-hop influences.

Vic_Typhoon’s commanding delivery and Mashudu’s dynamic flow create a captivating rap experience that’s complemented by Omit ST’s production, which blends traditional African percussion with modern beats and synths.

The song’s lyrics carry messages of unity, resilience, and determination, emphasizing the importance of staying true to oneself and pursuing one’s dreams. DJ Lag and Mr JazziQ also involved Vic_Typoon recently on Khavhude featuring Mpura.

With its infectious rhythms and uplifting message, “Hatima” is a testament to the power of music to inspire and uplift.

It’s a track that celebrates the vibrant and diverse soundscape of African music, creating a sense of joy and unity that transcends borders.

Vic_Typhoon, Mashudu & Omit ST – Hatima

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